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Blueprints Week 5 - March 3rd, 2019

Preschool Bible story: Nehemiah 1-6 Need 2 Know: “When I’m mad, God helps me”

Elementary Bible Story: Luke 22:54-62 & John 21:1-17 Need 2 Know: “When I feel guilty, Jesus forgives me”

You can watch the Bible story video and find the songs here

Preschool Questions

1.     What is one thing that makes you feel mad?

2.    When your feelings are out of control, should you hit someone or stop and think about how you are feeling?

3.    Would it be better to scream or look at what’s making you feel that way?

4.    When you know how you are feeling and what is making you feel that way, should you throw toys or listen to what God says in His Blueprint?

5.    When you are feeling mad, does God say in His blueprint that He will yell at you or that He will help you? (Yes!) God will help you not blow your top when you’re mad! He’ll help you do what’s right.

Elementary Questions (Read Luke 22:54-62 & John 21:1-17 then ask)

1.    In the story, how many times did Peter hurt Jesus? (3 times)

2.    Did Jesus forgive Peter? (Yes!)

3.    Does Jesus forgive us when we make mistakes? (Yes!)

4.    Should we keep feeling guilty after we apologize for making a mistake? (No, we can know that even if our apology isn’t accepted, Jesus still loves us and forgives us)

Memory Verse

1 John 3:20 “But even if we don’t feel at ease, God is greater than our feelings and He knows everything.”