For week of February 17th - February 24th

1.On Sunday we learned that when we feel the need to be perfect, we can know that Jesus only wants our best. Have you ever felt the need to be perfect in some area of you life? Why? 

2. Pastor Caleb shared about getting distracted and leaving his son outside in a swing. Do you have any stories about getting distracted?

3. What are some good things that can easily become bad things in our lives?

4. What should be some of the best things in our lives?

5. Matthew 11:28 (NIV) says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Have you found this verse to be true in your life? Would you be willing to share an example? 

Close your time together reminding your group to focus and pray for the best things and to not be distracted by the good things. And that the best really is yet to come!

A Life With A View

For week of February 10th - February 16th

1) Just for fun: What is your favorite Valentine’s Candy?

2) Pastor Mark mentioned in this sermon that people have described their life as a circus, a roller coaster, a puzzle, a symphony, a journey, a dance and even a prison sentence. How metaphor would you use to describe your life right now?

3) Read Romans 12:2 in multiple translations.

What is our motivation for being transformed?

In what ways does this verse speak to you?

4) One of the three ways we can view our lives here on earth is as a test. 

In what ways do you feel you have been tested?

What did you learn from this testing?

5) Life on this earth can also be viewed as a trust.

What are some of the things you believe God has entrusted you with?

6) The third way life can be viewed is as a temporary assignment.

What are some of the things you have experienced in life that remind you of the brevity of life?

7) Read Jerimiah 29:11.

Why do we make plans in our life?

How do you feel when everything goes as planned?

How do you feel when things don’t go as planned?

What is God’s plan for us according to Jerimiah 29:11?

How does that encourage you?

8) What was your greatest take away from this message?


Close your time together reminding your group that no matter what they might be going through right now, God’s plan for their future is filled with hope, love and peace. And that the best really is yet to come!