December 2018

For the month of December feel free to go through old questions or maybe just have nights to hang out with your group.

December 2nd Sermon - All In

For week of December 2nd - December 8th

1) Just for fun: Who is done with all their Christmas shopping?

2) What is one thing you can't control about your life but would control if you were able to?

3) What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word surrender?

4) Why do you think God gives us the ability to choose whether or not we surrender to his Lordship in our lives? 

5) What has been the benefits in your life of surrendering to the Lordship of God?

6) What would you say to someone who was struggling with completely surrendering to God?

7) Read Proverbs 3:5-6. Share what this verse means to you.

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November 25th Sermon - The Real Secret of Satisfaction

For week of November 25th - December 1st

1) Just for fun: The Rolling Stones song (I can’t get no) Satisfaction was released in what year? (1965)

2) Discuss some times when you felt truly content over the past year. What was going on?

How did the feeling of contentment impact your attitude and relationships?

3) Read Philippians 4:11. What is something you have experienced that has taught you contentment?

4) Self-control is a key component in finding contentment. What role, if any, can generosity have in finding a sense of contentment?

5) Read Romans 12:2. Discuss as a group how the world defines contentment. What steps can believers take to avoid falling into the trap of this worldly definition?

6) In what ways have you experienced God providing for you in a time of need?

7) For 2019, what area of your life do you see the biggest need for finding contentment? How do you plan on making this happen? What ways can the group help you find contentment in this area?

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November 18th Sermon - In Our Doubt

For week of November 18th - November 24th

1) What is the craziest thing you have ever done that is doubtful? OR what is ONE thing about you / your life that is doubtful? 

Re-read the story of Jesus and John the baptist in Luke 7:18-28

2) If we were Jesus in this situation, how would you respond to one of your friends doubting you? Then what would those thoughts make you do?

Jesus’ response is pretty crazy… He gives John one of the greatest compliments you can give someone. “Of all who have lived none is greater than John!” - Luke 7


I think we all go through seasons or moments of doubt. And thats okay!


3) What is one thing in your life that you have doubts about? (This can be in relation to anything).

4) What is one thing about God that you have trouble with? (Remember no answer is a wrong answer).

5) Of the 4 ways described on Sunday to get through doubts, which is easiest and which is hardest for you to do and why?

  • Look back (at what He's already done)

  • Look up (at His character)

  • Look around (at your friend’s influences in your life)

  • Look forward (and pursue Jesus)

End with encouraging and praying with and for each other’s doubts.

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Tried and True - part 2 & 3

For week of October 21st - November 3rd

1) Just for fun: Are you a morning person or a night person? If you are married, how has this effected your marriage? Be Nice :)

2) How long did you and your mate date before marrying? If you are dating now, how long do you feel is a good time to date before committing to marriage? If you are married, what advice would you give to someone while they are dating and thinking about marriage?

3) No one is perfect, and no one can change their mate, only themselves. What are one or two things you have changed about yourself for the betterment of your marriage? Was making that change difficult for you? Is there a verse of scripture that helped you make the necessary changes?

4) If you are married, most likely you and your mate have two different love languages. What is yours and what is your mates? How have you learned to speak your mate's language? You can learn more about love languages here.

5) Cultivating companionship is a big deal when it comes to growing your relationship. How have you continued to do this after marriage? (ex. date nights, etc.)

6) Read 1 Corinthians 11:3. When you were first married, did you understand the divine order God put into place for husbands and wives? Did you see this modeled growing up? If so how did that effect you? If not, how did that effect you?

Close your time praying for the marriages in your life group. And if you have singles, pray for God to use this time to prepare them for the man or woman God is preparing for them.

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Tried and True - part 1

For week of October 14th - October 20th

1) Just for fun: Have you ever attended a wedding where something funny or unexpected happened?

2) Growing up, did you see lifelong commitments modeled in your family? How has your experience affected your view of marriage?  

3) If you had to define marriage, what words would you use?  What makes marriage unique and different from any other human relationship? 

4) All of us have faults and things others may not like about us. How have you learned to accept your mate even with their shortcomings? Be nice in your answers. :)

5) Is there a verse of scripture that has helped you in your marriage? Maybe you have had to forgive or love when you didn’t feel it and this verse helped you.

6) When you run into obstacles, roadblocks, or conflicts in your marriage -or any relationship-  what’s your default reaction?  Do you get angry?  Blame one another?  Shut down? Or do you look for ways to solve the problem and move forward?

7) Conflict, when handled appropriately, can actually strengthen a relationship.  Would you say the same thing about adversity and external pressures—for example, the loss of a job or the death of a close family member?  Have you ever experienced what it is like to grow closer to one another as the result of weathering a storm together?

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Whisper - part 3

For week of September 30th - October 6th

1) Just for Fun: Tis the season for everything pumpkin, especially pumpkin pie! If you were a pie, which one would you be and why?

2) Have you ever experienced a time where you had conflicting voices in your life, a time you were confused about what you were hearing and what you were to do?

3) Read Proverbs 11:14 & 9. 

  • To whom do you ask to help you qualify a voice or impression you may have? 

  • What makes you choose that individual and allow them the permission to speak into your life?

4) Out of the 6 questions to test a voice or impression which one stands out to you or helps you the most and why?

  • Does to agree with the Bible?

  • Will doing this reflect the character of Christ in me?

  • Does my spiritual family confirm it?

  • Is it consistent with how God shaped me?

  • Do I feel convicted or do I feel condemned?

  • Do I sense God's peace about it?

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Whisper - part 2

For week of September 23rd - September 29th

1) Just for fun: It is officially fall. What is your favorite part about this time of year?

Feel free to go to week one and go through some of those questions as well. 

2) God often speaks to us through scriptures. Was there a time when God spoke to you through a verse. 

3) What are some of your favorite translations and ways to read the Bible?

4) God also speaks through people. Was there a time God used someone to speak to you? Did you recognize it as the voice of God to you?

5) God sometimes speaks to us through pain. Was there a time God spoke to you through your pain? How did you respond?

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Whisper - part 1

For week of September 16th - September 22nd

1) Just for fun: If you could change your voice to that of a cartoon character, which one would it be?

2) Think about the voices that speak into your life, such as God, others, self-criticism, our culture, and your to-do list. Which voice is speaking loudest to you today? 

3) Read 1 Kings 19:11-12. Describe a time when you heard God whispering to you. Why do you think He whispered instead of shouted? 

4) Of the 4 observations about how to position our hearts to tune into and hear God’s voice, which one do you find yourself already doing? Which one do you need to start doing?

·      Cultivate an open mind

·      Create time to listen

·      Eliminate the distractions

·      Determine to live out what he says

5) Read Proverbs 3:5-6 in the Message translation. 

·      What does trust look like in a relationship? How do you know when you fully trust someone? 

·      How would you define trusting in God?

·      When you listen for God’s voice, what will it help you do?


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September 9th Sermon - Fight My Battles

For week of September 9th - September 15th

1) What is your favorite style of music? And your current favorite song?

2) What is your past experience with worship in churches?

3) Worship changes our perspective. It allows us to see our problems in the bigger picture of Gods power. What problems are you facing today that you need a new perspective on?

4) Worship builds our faith. What is the difference between faith and feelings? (Encourage your group to worship in faith no matter what they feel. Worship in faith and your feelings will eventually catch up). 

5) Worship fights our battles. What is a battle you are facing right now? (It can be relational, financial, health related, etc). How do you think worship can help you through it?

6) Read 2 Corinthians 10:3-4 (ERV)

We live in this world, but we don’t fight our battles in the same way the world does. The weapons we use are not human ones. Our weapons have power from God and can destroy the enemy’s strong places.

  • Our worship is our weapon. What can you do to use “worship as a weapon” in your own life and struggles?

End by encouraging your group that we can give God our weaknesses. That we can surrender those things to him. In our weakness Christs power is made perfect. Encourage your group to worship through the storms of life.


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Simple Jesus - part 1

For week of August 19th - August 25th

1) Just for fun: School is back in! What is your favorite memory about school?

2) What were some of your earliest thoughts about what a relationship with God was like? How do your thoughts differ now?

3) Where you ever someone who thought you were so messed up that God could not love you or forgive you? Do you ever struggle with those feelings now? 

4) Do you have someone in your life you are trying to connect them to God and His church but they think they are too ‘bad’ of a person? How do you encourage them? Was there someone who encouraged you to give God a chance?

5) Read John 3:16-17.

  • In verse 17, what is the state of the world without Jesus?

  • What does it mean to be condemned?

  • For a world filled with sin and disobedience, what kind of a response would you expect from God? How did he respond? Read Romans 5:6- 8 and Romans 8:1.


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Back in Black - part 4

For week of August 12th - August 18th

1) Just for fun, What’s in your wallet- is there anything unique you keep in your wallet?

If you have not met since the Back in Black series began, you may want to scroll down to the questions from Part 1-3 and go through some of them as well.

2) Even though we trust God with our eternal soul, why do you feel it is so difficult for us to trust God with our temporal money?

3) Can you share a time in your life where you trusted God with your finances (moved Him up on your list of priorities and gave to Him first) and He in turn blessed you with incredible blessings?

4) Knowing that our money is an indicator of our hearts, how do you feel about your heart?  What are some of the steps you are going to take improve how you feel?  

5) What is your greatest advice concerning money?


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Back in Black - part 3

For week of August 5th - August 11th

1) Just for Fun: What did you get into the most trouble for with your parents as a kid?

2) What is the most “questionable” thing you have purchased on credit?

Free yourself, like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter, like a bird from

the snare of the fowler.                                                                    

Proverbs 6:5 (NIV) 

3) Has having debt in your life ever made you feel like you were being  

hunted? If so, how? 

4) In order to get out of debt, it will take the gazelle-like intensity described in Proverbs 6:5. What are some specific areas of your financial life where you need to use gazelle-like intensity to get out of debt?  

5) Debt can cause our lives to spiral out of control. How have you seen debt cause this loss of control in your own life or the life of someone else?  

In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil.

Proverbs 21:20 (NIV)

6) The one step to breaking away from the bondage of debt is to save. 

Describe how you currently save and invest your money. For those that successful save, share any advice or tips you have with the rest of the group. 

For those that are not saving, what are some of the challenges preventing you from saving?

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender. 

Proverbs 22:7 (NRSV)

7) Another step to getting out of debt is to stop borrowing money. 

How do you think lives would be changed financially if people stopped using credit cards or taking out unnecessary loans? 

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7 (NIV) 

8) Another step is to simply pray. Share a time when God met a financial need of yours through prayer. What did this situation teach you about the power of prayer?

9) Another step is to sell something. What are some things you could sell to help improve you current financial situation? Are you willing to sell them?  Why or why not? 



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Back in Black - part 2

For week of July 29th - August 4th

1) Just for fun, when you were a child, what did you wish to become when you grew up?
*Feel free to scroll down and go through some of the questions from Back in Black Part 1 before jumping into these questions if your group has not met since this series began.

2) How has tracking all your money been going if you participated in the homework?  Did you discover something you did not realize about your spending while doing this exercise?

3) What is one goal you have when it comes to your finances?

4) What does the statement, Learn to honor God with everything, mean to you?

5) What is one of the biggest ways you have honored God with your stuff/money? 


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Back in Black - part 1

For week of July 22nd - July 28th

1) What is one goal you’d like to accomplish during your lifetime?

2) How did you feel about beginning this new financial series? (nervous, excited, curious about what the pastor was going to bring out, etc.)

3) The way we handle our finances is setting a pattern for how our children will handle their money.   

  • What example did your parents give you?

  • How has that shaped your thinking when it comes to finances?

4) Jesus wants all of your heart and does not want to compete with your stuff.  

  • In light of that statement, do you feel you truly love God more than your stuff?

  • Has this ever been a struggle in your life?

  • And if so, what was the catalyst that changed your heart?

5) God can use your stuff to bless others.  How have you experienced this in your life, (whether it was someone blessing you with their stuff or vice versa)? 

6) What are you most excited about learning or hoping to learn in this financial series?


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July 15th Sermon - Go For It

For week of July 15th - July 21st

1. Have you ever tried to take a family photo? How did it go?

2. What is an encouraging word or phrase someone told you when you were younger that stuck with you? Why was that word or phrase significant to you?

3. What are some things in our culture that try to distract us from leading the next generation well?

4. Think about a person younger than you that you can influence. What are some things you can do to show them that God loves them and so do you?

5. In what ways can you use your strengths to lead the next generation well? (If you don’t know, ask those in your group what they see in you)


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July 8th Sermon - No Ordinary Family

For week of July 8th - July 14th

1. Just for fun: Where is your favorite place to vacation during the summer?

2. Read John 13:34-35. 

  • What commandment is given?

  • Why should be follow it?

3. There are 3 things when present in a church make us no ordinary family: a spirit of sincere love, a heart to seek and restore and a commitment to constantly encourage others.

  • Which has been your experience at Canvas?

  • Which do you feel you do better: love, restore or encourage others? Why do you feel that is what you are strongest at doing?

4. Tell of a time when you showed love, helped restore or encouraged someone who needed it. 

  • Why did you show love in that situation?

  • How did the person respond?

  • How did it change your relationship with them?


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Voices Series

June 3rd - July 1st

We will not be having any Life Group questions through our Voices series due to the fact we have guest speakers the entire month. Feel free to take this time to go through old questions, make up some of your own from the sermons, or just have fun hanging out together!

May 27th Sermon - Uncommon Courage

For week of May 27th - June 2nd

1) Just for fun:  Have you ever served in the military, or have any family who serve(d) in the military? If so, what branch did you/they serve in and where were some of the places you/they were stationed?

2) Why do you think worrying is a problem for most people?

3) Read Philippians 4:6-7. How do you personally respond to the challenge to, “Be anxious for nothing”?

4) Read verse 7 again.

  • How can we best describe God’s peace?

  • What does this verse say the peace of God does in our lives?

5) How has Philippians 4:6-7 challenged you to reexamine your response to stress and anxiety?

6) When thinking about the different things we can do Pastor Mark mentioned that will help us live brave even when we feel overwhelmed and full of anxiety, which one will help you the most? 

·       Breathe

·       Remember God has been faithful and will continue to be faithful

·       Visualize what it will be like when you get through the storm

·       Worship


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May 20th Sermon - More Than A Fan

For week of May 20th - May 26th

1) Just for fun: Pastor Mark talked about the time when there were only three different choices of Ice Cream Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

2) Read Proverbs 9:10, Proverbs 14:27, Proverbs 22:4 and Psalms 36:1-2.

  • What’s your gut definition of fearing God? How does the word fear make you feel about God?

3) The fear of the Lord is an ongoing attitude of our heart that moves us to choose over and over again to obey God when it’s easier to do something else. The greatest evidence of the fear of God is complete obedience to God.

  • Share a story of a time when your fear of the Lord led to a wise decision, a fuller life, success, honor, or health.

4) Read John 8:4-11. Place yourself in this scene.  

  • What would be the emotions of the woman as she is “caught in the act” of adultery?

  • What would you be thinking as part of the crowd gathered around Jesus when this scene unfolds?

  • What is the emotional element gripping the woman’s accusers?

5)  These religious leaders were trying to trap Jesus. If he answered, "stone her,” he would be in trouble with Roman Law which forbade local governments to impose the death penalty without their permission. But if Jesus answered, "let her go," he would be going against the Mosaic Law that called for the death of an adulterer.

"But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. . ."

  • Where do you think the crowd’s attention has been focused while all this was going on? In other words, who do you think people are staring at?

  • The Bible never tells us what Jesus wrote on the ground. What do you think He could have been writing?

  • What can we learn from Jesus about helping someone who has fallen?

  • Share a time when you experienced undeserved grace. How did it impact your life?

6) When it comes to the word of God, we have to obey all of it, not just the parts we like. Is this something you have struggled to overcome in your life? How are you dealing with this now? 


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May 6th Sermon

For week of May 6th - May 12th

1) Just for fun: What is your favorite movie quote?

2) Talk about a time when you got to see people in a new context (for example, going out to dinner with cowokers). How did that experience change the relationships in that group?

3) What is the connection between investing in others and growing in your relationship with God?  Why do you think God set things up that way?

4) How could serving others change people’s perceptions of Christians and the church? Was your perception of Christians and the church ever changed because someone served you?

5) What kind of things keep us from investing in others?

6) Is there an organization or particular group in need that is near and dear to your heart? If so, talk about why you feel a desire to help that organization or group. 

It’s not our responsibility to change the world, only to play our part. It is true that you cannot serve everyone in need, but you can serve someone in need. 

End your time talking about ways you can serve others as a group. And if someone isn't serving at Canvas, encourage them to take that next step.


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My Life His Canvas - part 3

For week of April 22nd - April 28th

1) Just for fun: April 29th is our 10 year Anniversary. Share how you heard about Canvas and how many years you have been attending.

2) Have you ever had an impossible relationship that has either been restored or is in process of being restored? What were the first steps you took toward healing?

3) Of the 7 biblical steps to take to restore strained or broken relationships, which one is easiest for you to do?

  1. Always vent vertically before you attempt to engage horizontally.

  2. Be courageous and take the initiative.

  3. Focus on their feelings, not just the facts.

  4. Be quick to confess your part of the conflict.

  5. The right tone and attitude will transform the atmosphere.

  6. Be willing to give up so the relationship can grow up.

  7. Always focus more on reconciliation than resolution.

4) Which one of the steps listed above is the most difficult for you to do?

5) What about this series, My Life His Canvas, has impacted you the most?


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My Life His Canvas - part 2

For week of April 15th - April 21st

1) Just for fun: Go around the room and share something you have never done but would like to.

2) We will only conquer what we are willing to confront. Why do we sometimes find it so difficult to confront our problems and addictions?

3) Read Philippians 3:13-14 in a couple different translations. What "from your past" could Satan use to cause you to live life in reverse, focusing on the past? What steps do you take, or have taken, to prevent your past from becoming your present again?

4) Does it sometimes seem like you are at the mercy of your emotions? What tends to be the triggers that set off your emotions? How do you conquer them instead of letting them conquer you?

5) We know that God is a God of the impossible. Why do you think we find it easier to believe He will do the impossible for someone else but struggle to believe it for ourselves?

Close your time with your group by reading Mark 9:23 "All things are possible to those who truly believe" to your group and encourage them to believe that they can overcome anything in their life!


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My Life His Canvas - part 1

For week of April 8th - April 14th

1) Just for fun: Have you ever attended a wedding where something funny or unexpected happened?


Be mindful of the people in your group who may not be currently married or dating. They have input when it comes to the questions too because most likely they have been in a relationship and understand issues that come along in relationships. So make sure to include them.


2) If you are married or dating, how are you both different? How have your differences shaped and impacted your relationship- whether for better or for worse?

3) Is forgiveness the same as forgetfulness? Why or why not? Can you forgive and not forget? What does it take for you to move beyond conflicts and get on with life?

4) Have you ever looked to your spouse or significant other to fulfill you and meet your all expectations? If so, how did that go? 

5) We need to learn to maximize the good in our mate and minimize the bad. What are some of the good qualities your mate possesses that you really appreciate?


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A Seat at the Table - part 2

For week of March 25th - March 31st

1) Just for Fun: What are your plans for Easter weekend? Do you have any traditions your family has kept over the years?

2)  Did someone invite you to Canvas? What made you finally decide to give it a try?

3) Read Luke 14:16-23.

  • What would you title this parable?

  • What do you think about the people's excuses?

  • What excuses do people make for not coming to church or for not following Christ?

4) Who in your life right now needs to know the hope that only Christ can bring?

5) This week we are praying for Supernatural Encounters or opportunities for us to invite people to "come and see."  Share a time that you had a supernatural encounter whether it was when someone invited you, or when you invited someone to "come and see."

6) Colossians 4:5-6 says, "Be wise in the way you act toward those who are not believers, making good use of every opportunity you have. Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the correct response for everyone." 

  • Was someone wise and gracious with you which lead you to be open to church and a relationship with Christ?

  • How has God changed your heart for the lost and the way you interact with them?

This is the last week before the biggest Sunday of the year that we have to opportunity to reach the lost. Close out your time praying for God to give everyone in your group wisdom, supernatural encounters and spiritual boldness as they invite this week. And pray for your pastors to make much of Jesus on Easter Sunday!


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A Seat at the Table - part 1

For week of March 18th - March 24th

1) Just for fun: If your life was a movie, which movie would it be and why?

2)  Did someone invite you to Canvas? What made you finally decide to give it a try?

3) Read Luke 14:16-23.

  • What would you title this parable?

  • What do you think about the people's excuses?

  • What excuses do people make for not coming to church or for not following Christ?

4) Who in your life right now needs to know the hope that only Christ can bring?

Commit as a life group to pray for, and invite those people to one of our three Easter Services.


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Be Great - March 11th Sermon

For week of March 11th - March 17th

1) Just for fun: If you were an ice cream, what flavor would you be and why?

2) How have you learned to keep yourself humble?

3) Do you find it easy or hard to be grateful? Why?

4) Has there been a time when you were in awe of God? Describe it.

5) Was there a time when you had to be bold in your faith? Would you be willing to share that story with the group?

6) What is one thing you need to focus on to take your relationship with Jesus to the next level?


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Heart of the House - part 3

For week of February 25th - March 3rd

1) Just for fun: What's something that happened today that made you smile?

2) Who is the most generous person you know in the world today? Why would you describe them in this way? 

3) Most people say that if they win the lottery they will be more generous but statistically this just isn’t true. Why do you think so? 

4) Read Genesis 12:2 and Proverbs 22:9. When you seek to be a blessing, you receive the blessing. 

  • What could God do in our Life Group, in our church if each one of us invested our time, ability, money into blessing others?

  • Is there someone or some family that we can bless as a Life Group?

5) What idea, phrase, scripture, or story from Sunday’s message has changed your understanding of generosity? In what way has your understanding been changed?


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Heart of the House - part 2

For week of February 18th - February 24th

1) Just for Fun: Share a bizarre or very interesting encounter you’ve had in life (could be at work, personal, from travel, with friends).

2) What headlines in this past week suggest there is a global need for the gospel? 

3) What comes to mind when you think about sharing your faith? What has been your experience with sharing your faith or someone sharing their faith with you?

2) Share one of your first memories of being in a church building.

3) Read Matthew 28:18-20, known as the Great Commission. 

  • How do you feel you fit in with the Great Commission?

  • Is it something you struggle to understand?

4) How has attending Canvas changed your life, family, relationships and walk with God?

5) What impacted you the most from this sermon?


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Heart of the House - part 1

For week of February 11th - February 17th

1) Just for fun: What is your favorite Valentine candy if you have one?

2) Read 2 Chronicles 16:9.

  • What is the prerequisite for God to show His strength and might through someone?

  • How has God shown His strength though you lately?

3) God wants to do GREAT things through us. 

  • What are some of the hinderances to this in our lives?

  • How do we overcome those hinderances?

4) Read Mark 6:5-6 and Luke 7:7-9. Jesus was amazed by their lack of faith in Mark and amazed by their great faith in Luke. 

  • Who is someone you know that you are amazed by their great faith?

  • How does their great faith affect the people around them?

5) There are 3 faith filled facts found in Hebrews:

-You cannot always play it safe and please God

-As long as you have a  guarantee, you don't have faith

-To step towards your destiny, you will have to step away from your security 

Of these three, which one impacted you the most when you heard it?

6) In what ways would your future look different if you decided to step out in faith toward your destiny today?

End your time together praying for God to help you and your group live a life pleasing to God filled with audacious faith!

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Bring the Bold Back - February 4th Sermon

For week of February 4th - February 10th

1) Just for fun: What do you watch the Super Bowl for- the commercials, the actors game, or half-time show?

2) Before listening to this sermon:

  • How would you define boldness?

  • Would you consider yourself a bold person?

3) What is the most difficult situation you have faced because of your faith in Christ?

4) In what way could you strengthen your sense of boldness about being a Christian in your place of work, neighborhood, or family?

5) Boldness is not the goal, getting closer to Jesus is the goal. How can you strengthen you relationship with Christ this week?

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A Valley Called Nowhere - Pastor Robby

For week of January 28th - February 3rd

1) Just for fun: What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

2) Have you ever had to help someone close to you get through a difficult time in their life? How did you do it?

3) Read Psalm 23. Robby talked about how "valleys" represent any difficult times in our life. We are either in a valley, just got out of one, or need to prepare for one.

  • Have you ever made it through a “valley” in your life? How?

  • Are you currently in a “valley”? Are you willing to share what the valley is?

4) To get out of a valley we need to surround ourselves with people who love us and Jesus, fill our heart with God’s word, and surrender to the Holy Spirit. 

  • Which of these do you feel you need the most right now in your life?

  • How can you start to apply it right now to help you get out of a valley?

End your time praying for each other and encouraging each other.

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One Life - Part 3

For week of January 21st - January 27th

1) Just for fun: Share one thing that you love to do that you get to do nearly every day.

2) In the midst of all our luxuries and conveniences, amazingly, we still find things to complain about.

  • When do you find yourself complaining the most, and what do you complain about?

  • Do you enjoy being in the company of a “complainer”? Why or why not?

3) Do you know people who are not happy unless they have something to complain about? What is the deeper issue of their life? 

5) How does complaining and arguing affect our standing before God?

6) How does complaining and arguing affect our standing before men, especially non-believers?

In what ways are you tempted to complain and argue? Pray about ways that you can overcome those temptations and think about ways that you can be accountable to each other to be victorious in this area of your life. 

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One Life - Part 2

For week of January 14th - January 20th

1) Just for fun: If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

2) Pastor Mark started off this message by asking the question, What do you wish was different about your life? For most of us there is probably quite a few things we would like to be different.

  • Share with the group one of those things.

  • Why do you feel like this one thing has not changed for you?

3) Philippians 2:13 says For God is working in you giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him

  • How does “your working” and “God’s working” relate? Does that give you any encouragement to do the work of God vs. your work? Why?

  • There are two dangers related associated with this. The first is to try to act without God’s empowerment, and the second is to not act at all. Describe the drawbacks of each.

4) Read Exodus 4:10-12.

  • What next steps do you think you need take to stop making excuses?

  • Which of those steps are things you cannot do without God’s grace? In what ways do you need to trust God to do what you cannot do?

  • How would your life be different if you stopped making excuses and started obeying God?

  • What are some of the things holding you back from totally relying on God in every area of life?

  • To become the person God created you to be, what do you need to start doing? What do you need to stop doing?

5) Next steps to encourage your group:

Make a list of things you know you can do and the things you cannot do. Take your list and pray over it. Ask God to help you with the things you cannot do and commit to placing your full trust in Him. Keep your list in a place where you can refer to it often and update it when God comes through for you and helps you accomplish those things you could not do.

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One Life - Part 1

For week of January 7th - January 13th

1.  What are you looking forward to the most in 2018? 

2. What aspect of your life do you typically compare to others? 

3. Read Colossians 3:23.

  • Have you ever had a difficult time doing a job-well-done because of whom you were working for?

  • How does knowing that you are ultimately working for the Lord change the way you do your work?

4. The enemy learned long ago that he didn’t necessarily need to destroy us; he just needed to distract us.  A huge way he does this is by allowing us to view someone else’s life, and then compare ours to it. 

  • What are some of his chief tools he uses to do this? (Social media, magazines, & etc.)

  • How can you stop the infiltration of these tools and tactics?

5) Read Hebrews 12:2-3 Keeping our eyes on Jesus is key to becoming like him and thereby fulfilling our purpose in life. How do these verses say we can de-clutter our lives and focus on Jesus? 

6) What is the biggest change that will take place in your life when you totally live for an audience of One (no longer worrying about what others think of you, only what God knows about you)?

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